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Hotel Melia Nassau Beach, Nassau Bahamas



As an integral part of the overall BahaMar portfolio the Melia Nassau is an all-inclusive property immediately next door to the BahaMar resort complex. Being all-inclusive this property caters to a different clientele and is a critical element in the facility. Combined with the opening of the BahaMar properties (Hyatt, Rosewood, SLS), THDC was tasked with designing an upgrade of the pool facilities and resort arrival experience. 


At the request of ownership and as a visualization design tool a rendered concept plan (at left) and architectural rendering (below) were created to show how a toddlers slide could be integrated within the existing Kids Club facility. Renderings such as these and the proposed niche cabana above are important tools for clients and THDC in understanding the specific design intent. At the bottom a typical Construction Document detail page.

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