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"Tropical Plant Resource is a valuable contemporary reference for anyone who uses or is interested in warm climate trees, shrubs, and ground covers. This reference is unique in providing specifications for plant sizing at installation and use in the landscape. While it provides background on historical uses and cultural plant attributes its contemporary value is the detailed photographs of plant flowers, colors as well as cultivars and varieties. The images depicting plants in-situ provide a compelling reference for both the professional as well as anyone interested in tropical plants."

-Peter Trowbridge, Nina Bassuk – Professors at Cornell University and Authors of Trees in the Urban Landscape



"With wonderful illustrations, abundant photographs of plants and landscapes and informative descriptions, Tropical Plant Resource is a reference that anyone who has a passion for tropical plants and gardens will want to keep close at hand. Drawing on decades of experience with the design, installation and maintenance of world class tropical landscapes, Tom Hicks has created an authoritative and inspirational resource for garden designers, landscape architects and home gardeners."

Tom Underwood, Executive Director, American Horticultural Society




"This is a must have book for any designer working in the tropics! Beautifully illustrated, informative photos, easy to read.....and the conscientious case for the use of native species is timely!"

Hitesh Mehta , ASLA, Associated RIBA, AIA, MAAKA, MAAKLA, Author of the book Authentic Ecolodges




"A definitively comprehensive, well researched treatment on tropical landscaping. Tom Hicks achieves a delicate balance between landscaping and species information to produce an easy-to-use resource manual. Introductory chapters are very informative covering a wide range of topics such as planting techniques, propagation, diagnosis, and species requirements among others. All chapters are well illustrated, especially the numerous examples of species utilization by traditional landscaping in the tropics."

- Pedro Acevedo R., Ph.D., Botanist, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC



"Tom Hicks has successfully established a career based on his extensive professional, hands-on, experiences and academic studies. He's a pragmatic visionary and an expert regarding the broad complexities, processes and detailed nuances of any given project. Summarized within, this book is the foundation for creating natural beauty in the tropics which is both achievable and sustainable, permitting designers and client's visions to become a reality and beautifully endure the true test of time."

David Ellis Oswald, Senior Director of Design, Hilton Worldwide




"Definitively, a standard reference for anyone interested in tropical landscaping. A concise, neatly organized, and richly illustrated guide on landscape plants for the tropics; useful to professionals, amateurs, and students."

- Eugenio Santiago, Ph.D., Curator of the Herbarium and Professor, University of Puerto Rico

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