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Undergraduate: Horticulture, Cornell University

Graduate: Masters in Landscape Architecture, Cornell University


- State of South Carolina

- Puerto Rico




I've been a landscape architect and horticulturist over 30 years designing and constructing landscapes in tropical locations worldwide, using a wide variety of tropical plants in diverse settings from coastal beach fronts to urban parks, desert islands and mountain rain forests. During this time I could never find a single resource with the information designers and plant professionals need to do their job..... a single desk top source that depicts plants in context, relative to the surrounding architecture and other plants, typical spacing for planting and what sizes they are commonly grown in nurseries, how well they transplant, are they wind and salt spray tolerant, can they be used along beach fronts? Tropical Plant Resource is my attempt to fill that gap.

Divided into categories of Trees, Palms, Shrubs & Groundcover and Vines, the majority of the book consists of plant information pages with large color photographs and specific aesthetic and cultural information. Additional chapters provide information regarding propagation, maintenance, pruning, pests & diseases and fertilization.

Please take a look at the book. I think you'll find it to be a great desk top reference!!!.  


Thanks and happy gardening.- Tom Hicks

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